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08 Aug 2018

Creating Increasing Income in a Bond Bear Market

How can you create increasing income in retirement in a bond bear market?

How critical is it to have a strategy to address increasing income in retirement? You know, interest rates are rising. We all see it in the short...

25 Jul 2018

How Do You Know If Your Advisor is Working In Your Best Interest?

How can you be confident that your advisor is acting in your best interest?

The best interest standard is what's called a fiduciary standard. It is the strongest legal responsibility one person or firm can have to another...

12 Jul 2018

Take care in writing beneficiary designations

According to the IRS, more than 90 percent of all IRAs are cashed in when the second spouse dies.

02 Jul 2018

Understanding the Appropriate Time Horizon for Your Money

Let's talk today about understanding the time horizon of money. In my view, one of the fundamental tenets of successful financial planning is understanding the appropriate time horizon for your money. What does that mean?...

19 Jun 2018

5 Smart Strategies for Dealing with Market Volatility

The U.S. Stock Market has been on a pretty good run since the end of the Great Recession in March of 2009. As the market continued to hit record highs in 2017, we saw something very unusual amidst these market highs: a...

08 Jun 2018

Updates to Medicare & Social Security Rules

Recent updates in the new tax law to Medicare and Social Security rules may not seem like that big of a deal, but they did change some of the rules. How is that going to impact your retirement income? When taken together,...

22 May 2018

Busting the Myth About Bonds

The old rule of thumb was that the percentage of bonds held in your portfolio should be equal to your age, with the remainder held in stocks. Another way of saying this was the “60/40 Rule”, or 60% stocks and 40% bonds in...

08 May 2018

What is the outcome you are investing for?

What is the goal that you have laid out for yourself when it comes to your money? This is actually a critical part of a successful financial plan, as we get distracted by the wrong goals. We think, “well, let’s just try...

26 Apr 2018

Decreasing Social Security Benefits

What is your plan to deal with the impact of decreasing Social Security benefits? 

According to a recent report from the Senior Citizens League, a non-partisan advocacy group, over the past 8 years, Social Security Cost...

11 Apr 2018

Giving Back: Part of Your Financial & Life Plan

144 million Americans donated money to charity in 2016, while 106 million volunteered their time, according to a study by the Charities Aid Foundation.