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Jim Brogan, MBA, is a well-known financial educator, author and radio talk-show host. Jim was named the 2011 National Advisor of the Year by Senior Market Advisor Magazine, the industry’s leading publication for advisors specializing in retirement planning services. Download your free copy today.

23 Feb 2017

Understanding Your Social Security Statement and Planning Your Security Election

Your Social Security election is perhaps the most important election you will vote on in your retirement. As you may be aware, you face a 25-percent reduction in benefit if you draw early. Meanwhile, your benefit goes up...

15 Feb 2017

5 Lessons from the Election to Help Us Become Better Investors

You may have heard that the Saturday before the election the S&P 500 had declined for nine consecutive days. It was the longest losing streak in 36 years, but that’s a sensational headline. If you look beyond the...

08 Feb 2017

Long-Term Care: The Blind Spot of Retirement Planning

Let’s talk about the blind spot of retirement planning, the possible need for extended, long-term healthcare. By definition, long-term care means you need custodial care, which means you require care because you can’t...

02 Feb 2017

5 Tax Tips for Early Filers

Here are five tax tips that you need to know if you plan on filing your tax returns early, as well as some important land mines you probably need to be aware of.

26 Jan 2017

The Department of Labor Ruling Regarding Fiduciary Level of Care

As we observed the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States and the transition from President Obama to President Trump, there are definitely going to be implications in how you receive and accept investment...

11 Jan 2017

How do you structure your investments to secure income in retirement?

How will you fund your income gap in retirement with your life savings? Your income gap is the difference in your fixed income, like your Social Security and pension, and the amount of income you actually need. 

13 Dec 2016

Is Diversification Dead?

Is diversification dead? That’s the question. Over the past three or four days, the U.S. stock market has really carried the day. No other asset classes have really done anywhere near the stock market. We have had the...

08 Dec 2016

How to be tax-smart when making church and charitable contributions

This year Congress made permanent the qualified determined charitable distribution, which means if you are over 70-and-a-half you can give money directly to church or charity from your retirement account. This donation,...

30 Nov 2016

What are the critical components of an estate plan?

Do you need an estate plan, and what are the principle components of an estate plan? A lot of people put off their estate planning and come to me saying, "you know, Jim, I don’t have a lot of money to put into an estate...

18 Nov 2016

Are you prepared to see little increase in your Social Security benefits?

Are you prepared to see little to no increase in your social security income over the next 10 years? The Social Security Administration announced the cost-of-living increase for 2017, and it is a paltry 0.3 percent, which...