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09 Nov 2018

Dependable, Increasing Income in Retirement

The joy of income: that's what it's all about in retirement. The day that you retire and step over that threshold, you no longer have earned income. Instead, you’re going into a spending phase of your life. Several recent...

31 Oct 2018

Welcoming Rich Polchinski, Director of Operations & Development

Brogan Financial is proud to welcome Rich Polchinski to our firm as Director of Operations and Development. In this role, he will be responsible for all operational and business services, including Client Relations,...

23 Oct 2018

Will The Election Affect The Markets?

How might the upcoming midterm elections affect the stock market and our economy as a whole? The way that the markets are priced right now, it appears to anticipate that the Republicans will maintain the Senate and the...

10 Oct 2018

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up-to-Date?

Are your beneficiary designations for your retirement accounts up-to-date? How we pass on our retirement accounts is the most overlooked area in estate planning today.

28 Sep 2018

Low-Cost Index Funds or Managed Mutual Funds?

Should you be using low-cost index funds or managed mutual funds in your portfolio? There's a new study by the Journal of Financial Planning and the FPA Research and Practice Institute™ showing that more and more advisors...

17 Sep 2018

5 Considerations for Roth Conversions After Age 70.5

Are Roth IRA conversions advisable after age 70 ½? What are the five things you need to be thinking about? I've talked often about how Roth conversions can be a very effective strategy when you're in your 60’s, in that...

05 Sep 2018

Strategies for Dealing with Your Possessions Upon Downsizing

More than any previous generation, today’s seniors have the freedom to choose where and how they want to live in retirement. Perhaps because of this, many choose to simplify their life and downsize. However, many older...

20 Aug 2018

Long-Term Care: The Blind Spot of Retirement Planning

Let’s talk about the blind spot of retirement planning, the possible need for extended, long-term healthcare. By definition, long-term care means you need custodial care, which means you require care because you can’t...

08 Aug 2018

Creating Increasing Income in a Bond Bear Market

How can you create increasing income in retirement in a bond bear market?

How critical is it to have a strategy to address increasing income in retirement? You know, interest rates are rising. We all see it in the short...

25 Jul 2018

How Do You Know If Your Advisor is Working In Your Best Interest?

How can you be confident that your advisor is acting in your best interest?

The best interest standard is what's called a fiduciary standard. It is the strongest legal responsibility one person or firm can have to another...