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Jim Brogan, MBA, is a well-known financial educator, author and radio talk-show host. Jim was named the 2011 National Advisor of the Year by Senior Market Advisor Magazine, the industry’s leading publication for advisors specializing in retirement planning services. Download your free copy today.

28 Sep 2016

What is the outcome you are investing for?

What is the goal that you have laid out for yourself when it comes to your money? This is actually a critical part of a successful financial plan, as we get distracted by the wrong goals. We think, “well, let’s just try...

06 May 2016

The importance of having a will

Musical icon Prince, who died on April 21, did not have a will. Do you have a will? If you don’t, what’s holding you back?

04 May 2016

The Importance of Your Social Security Benefit Election

Social Security benefit election is perhaps the most important election you will vote on in retirement. With the Bipartisan Budget Act passed in the fall, some Social Security spousal benefit options changed. One of those...

22 Apr 2016

Interview: City Councilman George Wallace

What are the top issues facing the city of Knoxville?

20 Apr 2016

What should you do with your tax refund?

Tax day has come and gone. Many of you may be waiting to receive your tax refund, though some of you have probably already gotten it.

15 Apr 2016

Interview: Dr. Phil Romero, University of Oregon Professor and Author

We all know the challenges we have with our national debt now over $19 trillion, or $101 trillion when we add in unfunded liabilities.

12 Apr 2016

Tax preparation vs. tax planning

How do we really make an impact on our tax return?

01 Apr 2016

Managed mutual funds need consistency

When it comes to using managed mutual funds, it’s important to pick great merchandise.

30 Mar 2016

An Executor Checklist for settling affairs

How do you successfully carry out your appointed duties as an executor?

22 Mar 2016

How do you balance risk vs reward?

How do you balance risk versus reward on your investments? Understanding and managing your risks is one of the real keys to long-term investment success.